ZenMondo's Open Source Archive for Virtual Worlds

"I never should have written so many tank programs."

Below you will find an archive of scripts I have written for use in Second Life and other virtual worlds that use Linden Scripting Language (LSL).
I hope that you find them userful. If you have any questions, find me in Second Life as ZenMondo Wormser or Email me at zenmondo@flynnos.org

FlynnOS has found 38 scripts belonging to ZenMondo Wormser

Age-Based Visitor Filter.lsl

Caledon Library Book Server 2.61.lsl

Give Contents only to Newbies by ZenMondo Wormser.lsl

Give One Object Per Person (no copy Object version).lsl

Glow at Night, Hide During Day.lsl

Inventory Dump (group access).lsl

Inventory Dump (on Rez Version).lsl

Inventory Dump (pay any amount version).lsl

Inventory Dump (pay version).lsl

Inventory Dump.lsl

Play Animation and loop sounds on Attach.lsl

Play Animation on Attach.lsl


Read Notecard when Clicked.lsl

Reset All Scripts.lsl

Timed Sound (1 Minute).lsl

Touch & Hold for 3 Seconds to Reset Other Script.lsl

ZenMondo's Auto-Note Giver.lsl

ZenMondo's Give Random Object in 1 line of LSL.lsl

ZenMondo's Looping Multi Pose Poseball.lsl

ZenMondo's Mailbox.lsl

ZenMondo's Modeling Stand.lsl

ZenMondo's No-Frills Simple Poseball.lsl

ZenMondo's Not So Simple Door 2.1.5.lsl

ZenMondo's Not So Simple Tip Jar.lsl

ZenMondo's Notecard Library.lsl

ZenMondo's Object Giver 2.21.lsl

ZenMondo's Prim Use Meter Multiuser 1.0.lsl

ZenMondo's Prim Use Meter.lsl

ZenMondo's Radio Script 1.0.lsl

ZenMondo's SLURL Organizer.lsl

ZenMondo's Simple Object Inventory Count.lsl

ZenMondo's Spin-o-matic (left to right)

ZenMondo's Spin-o-matic (right to left).lsl

ZenMondo's Touch-n-Go Animator.lsl

ZenMondo's fancy note giver.lsl

ZenMondo's llTargetOmega tutorial.lsl

ZenMondo's simple tip jar 2.lsl

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